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earlier this month, sponsored by the newspaper in the north? Jinjiang Roundtable forum ", one of the most concerned about the topic is the restructuring of listed enterprises in Jinjiang. In the next few days, the forum guests, vice president of the Beijing Institute of private economic Yang Gang visited a number of enterprises in Jinjiang for research. Faced with Jinjiang enterprises on the listing of many doubts, in the capital operation, experienced Yang Gang gives a good reminder, before the listing of enterprises must be clear purpose, inadequate preparation is the biggest listed trap. traditional industry is not suitable for US listed Yang Gang said in an interview with reporters that the purpose of the listing of enterprises to grasp, and where listed is another big problem. Yang Jian, for example, a high-tech enterprise, or IT enterprise listed in the United States may be a better choice. Because, relatively speaking, the United States is high-tech enterprises concentrated place, it's price earnings ratio is very good, can be sent to a very good price. : in the choice of listed sites on the issue, enterprises are often affected by brokers; Yang Gang believes that brokers should not be invited to intervene too early, because the brokerage may be misleading. The agency may be familiar with Singapore and recommend listing in Singapore. Familiar with the U.S. stock market, it is recommended that the United States, rather than stand in the corporate point of view to guide. however, the listing involves a number of intermediaries such as accounting, lawyers, auditing, consulting services, and so on, to the end of the investment bank (brokerage). For example, a CPA firm may join a firm to recommend a broker to a company, but that is not the case. Therefore, enterprises in the preparation of the listing process, it is best to have no interest in the interests of intermediaries and the third parties to make recommendations, the government is a very good third party organizations. most industries in Jinjiang are traditional industries. Yang Gang said, such as Jinjiang's clothing enterprises is not suitable for listing in the United States, because of its science and technology content is not high, American investors believe Chinese by textile quota restrictions, the future increase in space and profitability will be questioned. "in comparison, the securities markets in Hongkong or Shenzhen and Shanghai may not exist.". Because of the understanding of the domestic industry, as well as brand effect, making clothing enterprises in the domestic more recognized. But traditional industries with technology may also be favored in the United states. For Cheap foamposites for sale example, the food industry to join the technology content, biotechnology, science and technology highlights can be better accepted by the target capital market, such enterprises can choose listed in the United states." Yang Gangru said. after listing, still do &n)Following the imposition of anti-dumping duties of up to 16.5% by the European Union last year, China's shoe enterprises will probably face the EU's anti circumvention investigation, which is tantamount to a disaster for our country's shoes enterprises. Yesterday, at the inaugural meeting held just Chinese footwear organization joint meeting, the Ministry of Commerce and trade bureau director Cheng Yonghe said, the EU found many footwear products in China through the Macao transit to Europe last year was the EU imposed anti-dumping duties of up to 16.5%, the Chinese shoe enterprises will likely encounter the EU anti circumvention investigation for this, the Chinese shoe enterprises is tantamount to one disaster after another. Yesterday, at the inaugural meeting held just Chinese footwear organization joint meeting, the Ministry of Commerce and trade bureau director Cheng Yonghe said, the EU found many footwear products in China through the Macao Transit Union, has issued a note that intends to Chinese shoes export situation in Europe and Macao via the anti circumvention investigation initiated in August 7th. Circumvention refers to the way or behavior that a manufacturer or exporter reduces or avoids the imposition of anti-dumping duties through various forms and means when a country's goods are subject to anti-dumping duties by another country. Personage inside course of study expresses, the Chinese shoe that sells through Macao to European Union is not all evade case, some belong to normal trade category. In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce and trade bureau director Cheng Yonghe also said that the Ministry of Commerce worried that the EU investigation may hurt the innocent, so has been the first survey, the normal trade shoes business interests in mainland and Macao to protect. He reminds at the same time, the inland shoe enterprise that has a factory in Macao wants to manage good primitive data and data, in order to answer check. (Editor: admin).The global footwear market and leather industry market prospect is a central topic of discussion by the World Congress of leather. The discussion group is led by consultant Peter Mangione global footwear partnership, Peter Mangione proposed the relevant data in the next few years in the international market and consumption forecast. according to Mangione, the average American footwear consumption per capita annual consumption topped 7.5 pairs. EU countries ranked second air jordan 11 space jam for sale , the per capita consumption is about 4.5 per year double. Chinese shoes is one of the countries with low level of per capita consumption, per capita consumption of 2.7 per year for two. He stressed: "the problem of China the industry should be more concerned with the analysis, because the local market will have an exponential growth rate of about 20% in the next few years. Mangione's view is that the Asian leather manufacturers will continue to be one of the most important market. Therefore, it is important to predict the change of labor in these countries, because in the past two years, hourly wages are still rising. consumer guide market, even for leather manufacturers. He concluded: "the world footwear industry led by consumers. They want to get better prices and better products, and the products contain leather." Brazil leather industry advisory committee chairman Augusto Sampaio Coelho center, emphasizing the emerging middle class Chinese worthy of analysis, and one of the consequences of the growth of the middle class would bring the supply of the domestic market in Asia may limit their exports. the EU footwear industry chairman Vito Artioli, he stressed that the upcoming challenges in his speech, calling for special attention to the leather industry and footwear industry, especially the necessity of bilateral agreements between the EU and mercosur. He said, "another problem is related to the value chain. In many countries, the industry is in danger, because the export tax has a direct impact on the business. It is necessary to integrate the industry, we need to consider the interests of mutual benefit." Artioli refers to the fact that the world red meat consumption is on the decline, this phenomenon may affect long-term production chain. similarly, Kenya Mwinyikione Mwinyihija (an African leather Limited company director) stressed this fact. More than 7 billion of the population in the world now, should expand its influence in the global footwear and leather industry market. He said, "this is a new situation in many countries adversely affected cattle farmers, in view of this, we must discuss. Is expected to 2050, the number of people of the earth will reach more than 9 billion. Footwear demand will continue to grow, we have to consider all the relevant influence." According to Mwinyihija, the natural raw materials will continue to have a great attraction, consumers will be willing to pay for quality products. the British professor Mike Redwood, Italy)In 80s, American pop graffiti artist Keith Haring not only affected the graffiti culture, his works still will lead to today's fashion. Although the Keith Haring Keith Haring's untimely death, but the work has become the source of vitality of the people through the design inspiration, Keith Haring works, and constantly create new things. Reebok from 2013 began to Keith Haring works for inspiration, add Keith Haring Reebok in many classic shoes on the elements, let shoes more interesting pop elements. The Reebok Keith Haring again with the classic "Crack Is Wack" design inspiration, bring the new season of shoe. Compared with the prior to the launch of cooperation with Keith Haring shoes, the Reebok selects the theme clear theme, Keith Haring works more fully reflected in the shoes. The Goloshes of theme is the creation of Haring Keith in 1986 at a site called Crack Is Wack works, a handball court now this mural is located between the 128th New York city street and second avenue. This painting inspiration for the design of Crack Epidemic was prevalent in the culture of the young people in the United States for drugs produced over reliance on. Keith Haring create this painting is to warn the young people away from drugs. This set of works as before that use too rich colors, but only the black, white and orange color. Distinct color makes the theme clear, and in the shoes of the shoe body painted on Keith Haring created a classic image of graffiti. In addition to the shoe body with Keith Haring style graffiti, in order to meet the Reebok Pump technology was born 25th anniversary anniversary, this time Reebok Keith Haring Crack Is Wack series set all use Reebok's classic Pump shoes, including Insta Pump Fury, Pump Dual Running, Pump Court Victory, Pump Omni and Lite Pump Aerobic Lite for Her. Keith Haring interesting cartoon graffiti gives Pump shoes new vitality. 1409294344287_720x450.jpg (43.31 KB, download number: 0) download Keith Haring x Reebok Crack is Wack Pack 0In just the past on the MTV Video Music Awards presentation ceremony, Kanye West stunned the world when it comes to their own upcoming US presidential election in 2020 of some speech spread quickly, however, the White House has also responded promptly. Is heading the Canadian delegation US President Obama White House spokesman Josh Earnest to convey, say they expect Kanye West to make adequate preparations, including the wish to see him involved in the campaign slogan and the name embroidered hat as soon as possible.Nike Dunk High PRM QS "snake pattern" exposed 2014-10-25 12:50:10 day before Nike again with the classic snakeskin pattern elements, the blueprint is Nike Dunk High shoe designers use brown and black leather make crack snakeskin pattern shoe body, collocation highly individual vamp suture, enhance the shoes of the "wild" flavor, but also very jadoku shoelace buckle design means. At present, there is no specific information on the sale of shoes, like friends may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports. adidas family of Originals "Swift" 2017-07-12 13:32:15 newcomer Tim recently launched a new adidas Originals Adidas Originals Swift running shoes, new design inspiration comes from the Adidas in 80s of a shoe, it can be seen that the body of the shoe designed by Primeknit woven material to create low to help streamline, were launched in two men and women, color are white and pink, the classic three the side bar marks the "hidden" in the body of the shoe in the bottom side, the technology used is EVA cushioning rubber. It is learnt that the new adidas Originals "Swift" will be on sale in July 27th.After followed by "Jacquard" jacquard series, Vans Vault high-end regional then launched "Pastel" series of new OG Authentic LX, brought three pairs of shoes for the summer, we are the first to bring this series of spy photos." Pastel series used suede cover toe and retro four car line heel rest with canvas. solid body design, with Vans color? Candy: Chardonnay? Fragrant Lilac Chardonnay, yellow clove powder and Sprout Green green shoots, high-end details are not to follow the beaten track originally fresh shoes, let more texture. Although the color is so "girls", but "Pastel" series will be still the whole code sale, both men and women can ride the wave of rare fresh. Vans Vault OG Authentic LX "Pastel" will be available in the near future, the price is 60 dollars, equivalent to RMB 420 yuan. If you need to buy a series of free purchasing fee, you can contact us WeChat VansAihaozheKF official customer service? WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! 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Woods also exposed that MOG would certainly always operate as a stand-alone service but didn't reject the selection that will integrate the Appears headphones and audio system further more about down the training course. ??For now, MOG will stay the same product today precisely as it was yesterday and offer the same rich experience.Authentic Jordan 12 Retro Shoes are arecommitted to featuring an integrated experience towards the consumer through the actual point of discovery concise of playback. Terms with the deal weren't given away, which was finalised upon Monday, but executives knowledgeable about the transaction said Is superior to, paid less in comparison with US$10 million with regard to MOG, who gives you about 500, 000 revealed users. And they are on hot selling on our Women Jordans Retro website. 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